Weekly Maintenance

Let our professionals take care of this for you!


The daily and three times a week tasks are quick and easy enough to complete that they can fit into a busy schedule. However, it’s best to put aside your weekly maintenance checklist for a day when you have a bit more time, like a Saturday or Sunday.

Weekly maintenance checks are a bit more involved. Additionally, it’s worth keeping a record of these checks so that you can observe trends that could highlight potential long-term issues.


1) Test the water

Checking pH, alkalinity, and sanitizer levels should be part of your three times a week routine. But build them into your weekly checks, too, to address issues as they occur.


2) Shock your hot tub

Sanitizer is just part of the battle to keep your hot tub clear of bacteria and other contaminants. A hot tub shock is basically a large amount of oxidizer that “shocks” your spa clean.

Make sure to follow the instructions that come with your oxidizer shock, and leave the hot tub cover off to allow any chemical gases to be released.


3) Clean your filters

You can remove most filter cartridges for easy cleaning. So take them out and give them a rinse with normal tap water. Regularly cleaning your filters keeps them optimized for cleaning your hot tub.


4) Wipe down your hot tub cover

Hot tub covers need to be wiped down once a week with a specialized cleaner to prevent the

Build-up of algae or mold.